About Ron


Ron Head

Okay, so I love to paint, sculpt and design interesting art in general–always have! After a long and weary career in the ad agency business, I decided that it was time for a change. Frankly, I wish I had made the decision 20 years earlier, but little things like sending four kids through college, bills and other necessities of life held me captive to the crazy ad agency world. But hey, it’s never too late! I figure if Colonel Sanders could finally get things going at age 65, I’m already ahead of the game.

Ron has always had a passion for painting and sculpting. He’s painted people, animals, insects, trees, leaves, houses (literally painted houses down in South Texas), and all varieties of “fruits and nuts” over the years. He studied art at Sam Houston State University and gained a greater understanding of color from a professor by the name of Harry J. Ahysen. Harry was recognized by the 67th Legislature of Texas as State Artist of Texas during his esteemed career as a painter and instructor, and one of only ten official Coast Guard artists in the U.S.

Having worked as a creative director since 1991, Ron still enjoys designing logos, posters and various other visual communications on a selective basis. He also finds time to do illustrations for children’s books and various other art projects.