“When the cows come home”

This piece is a continuation of the “Door Prizes” series. I call it, “When the cows come home” and had a lot of fun painting that little calf : ) The door is in it’s original finish and was removed from a historical home located here in Van Alstyne, Texas–built back in the late 1920’s. It’s an unusual dimension (smaller that the typical door today) and has some of the original hardware. I thought it would be fun to add an antique cowbell as an accent to the theme. Here in Van Alstyne, it is a fairly common thing to see these little guys roaming the pastureland and I thought it would make for an entertaining piece to have featured on a front or back porch setting.

It just so happens that my own home has a lot of exterior decor that is in a teal color, so for now this little guy will take up residence at the Head’s house. It would make a nice wall display in someone’s ranch house, weekend cabin, or even add personality to your restaurant or other retail environments. It is available for sale, unless my wife grows too fond of it. Call soon!

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