As a former commercial artist, Ron’s work has always gravitated to realism in style. As a result, his brush has also been able to capture historical events, people and experiences from a more traditional approach over the years. He has always enjoyed working fast, laying in colors spontaneously using a translucent layered glazing technique; which is characteristic of his early days using mixed media. Telling stories from his own childhood experiences on through adulthood transcends and breaths life into his paintings. Given the detailed nature of his paintings, over the years he has enjoyed working in both acrylic and oils. Click Here to view some of his more recent works.



Design and creativity have been a focal point of Ron’s work. Understanding the power of composition, space and color has been at the forefront of his career as a designer and has continually challenged him to experiment beyond the expected. Designing and painting abstract imagery that exudes the energy and passion to create powerful canvases for a number of his clients has motivated growth and maturity as an artist. Many of his works are created for both corporate environments as well as private collections. Click Here to view some of his more recent pieces.



Ron principally works in clay creating tabletop scaled pieces. Subjects may vary from portrait bust to more whimsical themes. The example above was created for a charity auction to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Clint Eastwood's spaghetti western classic, "The Good. The Bad. And the Ugly." There is one bronze in the series that is available for purchase. For inquiries, contact us at 214-293-3038 today. Ron's sculpture projects are created on a commission basis only. Click Here to see a few examples of works in progress.



This is an area of Ron’s work that has gained much popularity over the past few years. Having always enjoyed 3-dimensional packaging design in his professional career, he has been able to stretch the boundaries of traditional art. Clients have come to him with a wide range of interesting assignments. Everything from rustic barn doors to interior design projects requiring unusual tastes in home furnishings, Ron has been able to create a wide range of interesting and unconventional artworks.




Always fascinated with nature and God’s creation, he began to experiment with a rather unorthodox type of painting. While raking leaves one day at his home and studying the beautiful array of colors and unique shapes, he thought, why not paint directly on the leafs themselves. So the idea of painting various insect species directly on leaves was born! After developing this concept of LeafWorks, Ron has been accepting original assignments to create these paintings to scale using native insects and leafs as his canvas. The quest to paint the forest one leaf at a time has been an ongoing adventure for Ron. These paintings are only available in their original form due to the nature of each creation.

If you have a favorite tree, butterfly, grasshopper, insect or reptile species and would like to have it created as a one of kind, please Contact Ron.