Military Tribute: “Father and Soldier”

“Father and Soldier” was inspired by fallen hero, Army Ranger, SPC. E.J. Murphy who was recently lost while serving in Syria. The sculpture was created as a dedication to his widow and two baby sons to provide a lasting memorial of his love for family and country. After researching the soldier’s life and passion for military service, it was very apparent that he had a strong bond with his newborn baby and his oldest little boy. So many of our young men and women are bravely serving in various branches of our military and placed in harms way on an hour by hour basis. This piece is dedicated to the unselfish commitment of service that our military demonstrates everyday as they protect and defend our freedoms as Americans.

The sculpture is a dry clay ceramic material that has been glazed and modeled to reflect a bronze finished appearance. Original intentions were to have the piece bronzed, but due to limiting funding, we elected to create the finish as a clay ceramic. Often as an alternative to bronzing, I have used my painting techniques to achieve a bronzed finish and have received numerous claims that it is very difficult to see the difference from a traditional bronze cast piece. Ceramics however are much more delicate and must be placed in low traffic areas when on display. I also have the ability to create resin cast pieces. I specialize in portrait bust created in a variety of mediums and materials. For more about my areas of concentration and art interests visit: Please contact me at 214-293-3038 for your next memorial project.

“Father and Soldier” dimensions are 6″wide x 6″deep x 9″ tall and the final mounted piece will be presented to the family next month.


Sculpting detail of head

Father and Soldier

Father and Soldier

Father and Soldier

Close Up of Ranger Murphy

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